Everyone has the best intentions to eat the recommended 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day but we know that can be challenging when you’re a busy mom keeping up with your sweet littles.

Juice Plus offers you the nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetable and berries in both capsules and chewable form (kiddos are obsessed with the chews). This plant based whole food helps bridge the nutritional gap and gives us moms the assurance that we’re getting the right nutrients in our family’s every day diet.

How, you may ask? This 50+ year old company has their own organic fields to grow our produce. This produce is picked at its ultimate ripeness and is freeze-dried then pulverized (skin, seeds, and all) and put into capsules and chews. Our products are backed by the highest stamp of approval – the NSF certification, meaning our ingredients have undergone independent testing to meet and exceed strict guidelines for quality and safety.

 Life moves fast and so do we. Let Juice Plus help relieve some of the pressures of trying to balance it all. To ensure we’re doing all we can to support you we offer FREE Juice Plus to any child of the ages 4-25 years old with the sign-up of one parent for the Healthy Start Program. So, for less than $3.00 per day, you can receive all this nutrition for yourself and your child. That is less than 1 Starbucks Coffee!

No green thumb? No problem. Our vertical aeroponic garden tower grows your organic fruits and veggies indoors or outdoors in water and produces the best tasting produce for you and your family. Check it out!

Come join me on this health journey I have been traveling for the last 24 years. 


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