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About Juice Plus Capsules and Gummies

Juice Plus+ is whole food nutrition in its purest form. Our products are made from 40 different organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables so that you get all your micro and phytonutrients from real food. It just makes sense. To get your full spectrum of nutrients you need to be consuming 9-14 servings of fruits and veggies daily in every color. For most, that’s not possible. Juice Plus bridges the gap between what you can eat and what you do eat and acts like a nutritional seatbelt every single day. Plus, it’s free for kids. So when your kiddo refuses to eat their veggies, you have peace of mind knowing they at least have the nutrients their body needs to grow up strong and healthy. Trade out your multivitamin for the 100% bioavailable and safe Juice Plus+ capsules or gummies.

**Note: Kids on Juice Plus have lower rates of ADD/ADHD, have a reduction in symptoms of autism, recover more quickly from illness and are sick less often than their peers and studies show Juice Plus kids grow up to lead healthier lifestyles than their peers. Teach them about nutrition when they are young and they will thrive for life.

What sets Juice Plus+ apart:

+It’s a food, not a supplement

+Whole food, not isolated nutrients

+NSF 3rd party certified–better than Organic

+100% bioavailable and absorbable

+FREE for kids

+100% safe for pregnant & nursing moms

-100% safe for kids

+Independently owned. Not part of a megacorp (see photo to determine who owns your current supplement company)

+No drug reactions or overdose potential

+39 published research studies in the world’s top, peer-reviewed medical journals (not just testimonials but real, top quality, 3rd party research)

+Sustainable farming practices (we rotate crops and till waste from juice back into the soil so Juice Plus produce is more nutritionally rich than what is available in stores. 100% Vegan omegas save millions of fish every year)

Beauty & Juice Plus

+Proven to decrease the effects of oxidative stress that cause aging and wrinkles

+Improves collagen elasticity in the skin

+Dramatically strengthens hair and nails

+Helps hair and nails grow faster and stronger

Babies/Pregnancy/Post-Partum & Juice Plus

+Can be used as your sole prenatal

+Has more folic acid than 90% of prenatal vitamins

+Moms on Juice Plus+ Omegas have 50% less risk of postpartum depression

+100% safe

Shred 10 Program

The Shred10® program is a fun, effective, and do-able jump-start to better health. It will help you lose weight, improve sleep, decrease stress in increase nutrition with support and coaching throughout the whole process. This 10-day program designed by Mitra Ray, MD, PhD helps you detox your body, shred the food and habits that are not serving you and focus on clean living and flooding your body with whole food nutrition. The jump-start is the beginning of a journey of that will revolutionize your health for years to come! Contact me for more information and to enroll. https://shred10.com/

Shake and Bars

Complete by Juice Plus+ is a whole-food-based shake mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop. Complete by Juice Plus+ can be used in any number of ways: as a healthful “on-the-go” breakfast, pre-exercise energy drink or post-workout recovery drink. With the same glycemic index as a serving of broccoli, 8 grams of fiber including 6 grams of gut-nourishing prebiotic fiber this is more than just a protein powder. It’s a healing, nourishing superfood that’s safe for both kids and adults.

Tower Garden

Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods.  Tower Garden hydroponic growing systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food easily indoors or outdoors without soil. In fact, Tower Garden can grow more than 150 different wellness-promoting plants in just 4-8 weeks. Grow a healthier you year-round.

Tower Garden from Juice Plus also includes certified CCSS- and NGSS-aligned lesson plans and learning materials for Pre-K through 7th grade in science, biology, and ecology/ Whether you’re homeschooling or just want some extra activities for your kids, our top-notch program make education fun at home or at school–contact me to request a classroom Tower Garden

Join Our Mission and Work From Home

The mission of the Juice Plus company is to inspire healthy living around the world. Do you have a passion to help others create a healthier lifestyle? The Juice Plus+ business offers the ability to build a part-time income while making a difference in the lives of others. Our unique, non-MLM, Virtual Franchise business model allows you to seamlessly grow your business around your life. Contact me for more information and to apply.

About Hally Brooke

I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and nutrition counselor. I am also a Board Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor through the Institute for Functional Medicine. I am a Colorado native. My days are spent outside as much as possible. I have a massive garden in the ground in the summers and a Tower Garden that runs year-round. I am an avid mountain biker, hiker and white water rafter. I love reading and spend as much time as I can with my family and my rescue pup Dellford.

I have personally chosen Juice Plus because of their research in the field of Nutrigenomics, showing that good nutrition can turn off genes that cause disease (specifically for me the BRCA 1 & 2 genes and Alzheimer genes which both run in my family). I also know the powerful effect nutrition can have generationally so flooding my body with Juice Plus daily while I prepare to become a mama is one of the best gifts and legacies I can give for my kids. A legacy of health. From the business side, I have made the choice to spend my life loving people well. The Juice Plus company gives me the freedom and flexibility to care for my family and friends while making a difference for my clients and customers. I’ve researched nearly every brand of vitamins and Juice Plus stands out far and above the rest. Our company’s generosity and ethics make us stand out even more. I love this company, I believe in this product and it’s my joy to share it!

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