My name is Jan Gamber, I have over 26 years of experience in jewelry sales and over 12 years in clothing sales.  I have learned that wearing jewelry will bring you compliments and build your confidence.  I don’t just teach ladies the most recent jewelry trends but I also show ladies how to put together complete outfits, and to finish the outfit with jewelry. I started my journey in a different jewelry company when my 5 children ranged in age from 3 to 12.  I was a stay at home mom, that enjoyed being home with the children and doing small side jobs to add to our household budget. But we needed a car that would transport 5 children and luggage comfortably. I was invited to a friends jewelry show and loved the jewelry I saw and I began to see that selling this product was a way to make money for a car payment and still be at home. That great decision began an adventure that paid for a Suburban, supplemented my household income through all walks of my life, and earned me many trips. The decision also led to lifelong friendships and the overwhelming satisfaction of helping other women achieve the dreams, big and small that they had. My former company decided to close its doors after I had been in for 26 years, but I decided I was not ready to give up being the jewelry lady, so after a lot of prayer and research, I found jBloom jewelry.

jBloom Jewelry & Chill Cups is a jewelry company that specializes in personalization on jewelry pieces and on Chill Cups. You can Wear Your Story and Tell Your Story with jBloom products. We have many symbols and jBloom Designs to use to create your own piece. We can also upload a Custom Design that can be from a logo (with permission), a favorite picture, a saying, quote or verse, words that are meaningful for you, the options are endless.

I have learned that there is selling jewelry and then there is selling jBloom jewelry.  The satisfaction of helping someone create a piece of jewelry or a Chill Cup that will evoke a memory or put a smile on someone’s face or bring a happy tear, is so rewarding.  I am having so much FUN at 60 years young, learning new ways to use technology to make one of a kind pieces for my customers. We have something for everyone, women, men, children, & pets (we can make tags for collars). Everyone!

It has been my complete joy over the years to mentor and walk along side many women to help them realize their vision of starting a business, and building it to complete their vision. I believe in Network Marking and reality that 80% of women who make a six figure income do it through Network Marketing. My heart is to bring joy and confidence to others and to welcome them into my family of jewelers, and help them each step of the way. We have a fun group of ladies, encouraging and motivating each other, ready to include anyone that has a desire to join us.

jBloom Jewelry is based in St. Louis, MO, started by Jennifer Bonacorsi in her home. It has grown to 1800 Designers in the United States since 2013. Jennifer and her husband, Bret are committed to growing a long lasting business and have included their 4 daughters in the whole process. They are forward thinking business owners that love Jesus, love what they do and love helping others fulfil their dreams of building a business.

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