My name is Amalie and I am so happy to be your Barista in this amazing A few of my rolls in life are wife, full-time Controller/Office Manager  by day and coffee slinger all the time, friend to the ones I am blessed to have and momma to my adorable and crazy Shepsky Sasha. (also known as my sidekick “PUP”rista) I have been married to my amazing and supportive husband for almost 11 years. In my spare time I love to read, spend time with family & friends and take long walks with my four legged girl.

In February of 2021, I hosted my own Java Momma Coffee Break for a friend. I did not know much about Java Momma but the coffee break went well so I decided why not give it a try and joined as a barista. I thought the worst thing that could happen is I would be able to get a discount for all my orders. Never could have dreamed or imagined where this journey would take me and continue to take me. The thing I love the most about my journey with Java Momma is the community of friends that it has brought into my life.

How about a few fun facts about me. I am an only child, take cream in my coffee, my sign is Taurus and I was born on  Good Friday. I love to travel to new destinations on my bucket list like Alaska & Hawaii, spending time with family & friends at soccer games and for dinner and drinks, reading one of my favorite authors Sherryl Woods novels and love take a long walk to clear my head and enjoy the fresh air and outdoors.

My love of coffee started early on for me. From sitting on my grandma’s lap and dipping my cookies in her coffee to sharing my day or week with my dad on a Saturday morning in High School at the kitchen table. With both of them now being gone, having these memories to think of when I sit down and drink a cup of coffee just brings me a smile.

Sea Salt Caramel Mocha is my FAVORITE flavored coffee.
I am not sure if it is the name or just the amazing taste. Each time I sit down to drink a cup I can close my eyes and picture myself on the beach  in Kauai. I can hear the waves  crashing and I am transported to a place of sand with the salt in the air.
As the snow flies outside, I think it may be the perfect time to brew a pot of Sea Salt Caramel Mocha.

The idea for Java Momma came about in September 2017. Melissa and Brian Shoop and their business partner (and very best friend) Adriona Spring came up with the entire concept for Java Momma at their kitchen table one Friday night to serve the needs of their direct sales community. Java Momma cares about local communities, providing leadership to our baristas, as well as maintaining your trust and product integrity Java Momma is coffee & tea done right! All of our coffees and tea are just that. ?? ???????, ?? ?????????. Our flavored coffees are flavored with a proprietary oil blend. ??? ?? ??? ???????, ???? ??? ???????? ???????, ??? ?????? ????, ????? ????, ??? ????, ??? ????, ??? ????? ????! No gimmicks, just great tea and coffee that’s roasted to order and shipped out in 7-10 business days straight to your door!

How amazing is that?!

We are also proud members of the Direct Selling Association as well as the National Coffee Association USA!

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