Hello everyone. Thanks for checking out H2o at Home.

I am thrilled to share how H2o at Home changed mine and my family’s life. For years I had been looking for a way to care for my home environmentally friendly and free of toxins. We all know that our health and the safety of our loved ones and family come first. H2o at Home offers precisely that! Once I found these products, 11 years ago, I never looked back! How do you feel about cleaning your home toxin-free?

For me, it was a dream come true.

Not sharing these magnificent tools is unfair. So, I decided to let you know about the H2O at Home secrets. That’s the one everybody should be aware of. Preserving our precious planet and helping people live a better life is my mission. Besides the great H2O at Home products you and your friends can get for free and discounted, please reach out and see if I have an opening to join my team and make some extra money.

This is how I started, and the extra income makes a huge difference in our family’s budget, allowing us to enjoy peace of mind. Whether it’s for paying for kid’s sports activities, saving for retirement, going on vacation, paying for college or mortgage, having a constant stream of extra income is terrific. I invite you to explore this life-changing way to care for yourself and your family. Get in touch. H2O at Home elevates your Everyday!!!

We offer high-performance clothes that allow for 90% of the household cleaning to be done with only water. For the other 10%? We’ve created all-natural toxin-free products that will blow you away. Plus, some cool accessories to help you become the Queen of Green Cleaning.

Laundry, babies, pets, skincare are also available.

H2o at Home Mission

Our 3E concepts:

Efficient: Reduces your cleaning time by 40% by doing the job quickly and effectively

Eco-friendly: Our method uses 90% fewer chemicals than traditional household cleaners.

Easy to use: Our products are lightweight, easy to use for your every day home chores.

We offer 3 amazing lines of organic/natural products for the whole family to enjoy.

Natural Home Care

Organic Personal Care

Natural Home Fragrance

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Eco friendly toothpaste. Nothing goes to waste

Be part of this green revolution. Our planet is our most precious asset.

Replace your toxic bleach. Oxypur on sale.

My Home

Our ecological and high performing cleaning products are derived from natural sources, because nature knows best.

Simple Home Care

It’s time to say goodbye to artificial ingredients and celebrate nature. From conception to production, our products are inspired by what nature has to offer us: water, clay, essential oils, and plants. Discover powerful ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals.

Our concentrated formulas, sustainable materials, and advanced technology will lead you to live lighter with fewer, quality products.


My Mood

We create only natural fragrances so you can have a home that smells amazing without sacrificing a clean and safe environment.

The Essential Way

Cleaning with water eliminates the fragrances that are often found in household products, so we invented a whole line of safe, fun, all-natural scents that will fill the air…. the natural way! It’s time to keep the air in your home free of harsh chemicals while enjoying scents that just make sense.

Our carefully crafted essential oils are sustainably extracted and derived from plants to bring the true spirit of nature home. Rather than using a synthetic base, our 100% natural essential oils invigorate the air through cold diffusion.  SHOP NOW!

And me…

Simplify your life with products that contain only the most natural ingredients, and do more with less…

Natural Skin Care

Our organic personal care line is designed for all skin types and our ingredients are chosen with care, making our products gentle and safe for everyday use. Free your face of makeup and impurities with only water and a washable microfiber cloth. Plus 100% natural beauty products that do just as they promise. We always focus on the essentials.

Keep your routine simple and safe without any harsh chemicals or irritation.



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