Raise your hand if you knew you (and almost all animals) have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

Yeah, me either. I went to years of school getting my doctor of pharmacy degree to become a pharmacist and I didn’t hear one thing about our body’s largest receptor system until almost 10 years after I graduated… In fact, only about 13% of medical schools are even teaching about this system discovered in 1988 that has been found to play a vital role in body homeostasis by helping regulate functions like sleep, appetite, mood, as well as pain and immune responses. Our body naturally produces endocannabinoids to interact with this system but, like most things, our body is impacted by different environmental factors and needs outside help. Phytocannabinoids are compounds from cannabis that bind to CB receptors in the body and helps the ECS do its thing. This is how CBD and other cannabinoids show benefit for SO MANY THINGSSSS ??

I am a wife and mother to four busy children. I am a pharmacist by trade and work full-time in industry. Green Compass, a hemp based wellness company, fell into my lap in 2019 and has completely changed my world. I honestly didn’t understand this industry, the difference in hemp and marijuana, or why people used CBD when I jumped in. I only had the testimonials from my customers in the pharmacy I previously worked for and honestly thought they were buying some kind of “weed oil” off the internet; but I knew there was something bigger than me about this movement and I had to be a part of. Not only have I helped myself in raising my lose my ish bar (mommas, you know what I’m talking about…), but through me and my team we have helped thousands of others find relief with these products. But there are still thousands more who don’t know or understand what these products are and what they’re not. There are still so many more people to reach and educate. Want to help us share?

The industry for cannabinoids/CBD is not currently regulated. This is why source matters. This is why Green Compass exists. To bring you a trustworthy, transparent product you feel confident giving your whole family backed by a third party lab tested certificate of analysis. Hemp can be a really dirty plant and a lot of it used in our country comes from overseas. Not at Green Compass. You know what you’re getting every single time – an organic, proprietary, seed to seal product from a vertically integrated company. Doing good, for good, for you. Source matters because YOU matter.

Ready to feel the difference with the hope in hemp?

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