CTFO’s Mission: To Empower People to Achieve Good Health & Abundant Prosperity through Service to Others.

CTFO stands for Changing The Future Outcome.  Changing the Future Outcome of what you may ask?  The answer is Your Health and Your Wealth.  CTFO was created by two brothers, Stuart and Steve Finger.  Their vision was to create a company that anyone could succeed in, and they’ve done just that.

Hi, my name is Liberty.   I began my CTFO journey in 2019.  I needed to make some extra income. CTFO has so many well thought out products to help people with their health and wellness.  I use many of these products daily.  Ultimate Multivitamins, Super7 Immune Booster, 10xPure Super 1500 CBDa tincture.  10xpure Gourmet Black coffee with CBDa, CelluVie, DermaVie.  I’ve never been so healthy while making money at the same time.

CTFO is a Legacy Company that is built to last. One you can TRUST and who always puts its customers and members first. They always do the right thing.  Join as a CUSTOMER or MEMBER. No gimmicks or gotchas.  FREE SPECTACULAR MARKETING SYSTEM with $45 monthly qualifier for Members.  3-Step Easy Company Tour SYSTEM with impelling videos. Free Capture Pages. Free Contact Manager. Free Follow Up Emails sent to your prospects. Weekly Onboarding Getting Started Training program to help build a business.  Live weekly Tuesday Opportunity Calls & Thursday Educational Product Training. Positive community making a difference in people’s lives. We are not just a team but a family. MASSIVE VARIETY of exclusive & patented products that work and change people’s lives for the better. (MANY MORE TO COME)

Customers & Members can Shop to Save at Wholesale pricing from these categories:

  • Patented CBDA Products (1000 Times more Potent than others)
  • Muscle & Joint Relief
  • Sleep Aid
  • Immune Boosting
  • Skin Care for Beauty
  • Energy
  • Hair Growth
  • Pet
  • Coffee
  • Total Cellular Glutathione Health
  • Mental Health & Mood
  • Weight Loss (SHAPENBURN PLUS™)
  • Delicious Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Patented 10xPure Technology for incomparable Stability, Potency, and Absorbability. It is not what you take but what you get.

60 Day EMPTY Container Money Back Guarantee (even the Tax and Shipping)

Additional SAVINGS on Smartship: Orders less than $100 earn a 5% discount, Orders more than $100 earn a 10% discount the first 2 months then beginning the 3rd month earn a 20% discount.  These discounts also apply to any individual order once earned.

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