I am Sarah Woods – your Bloomin’ Free with Crowned Free gal!

I started with Crowned Free in May of 2020 as I was on the hunt for a mission minded side gig that would help survivors of human trafficking.  I had watched the Taken movies and listened to some information at a church event. I honestly didn’t think I would find such a company, but low and behold — Crowned Free!! So I did some research on them, contacted the home office and asked some questions, and of course, prayed. But I already knew I was brought here for a purpose, to make an IMPACT. I jumped in with both feet y’all! What I have learned over the years is that the Taken Movie is nothing like real life.

WHY Crowned Free? Several years ago our founder, Heidi VanderWal attended an event where she learned about human trafficking and her heart was broken for survivors. She wanted to do something, so she did! She started a direct sales company that works with survivor artisans around the globe. Over half of our line is made by survivors. Crowned Free doesn’t stop there, no siry! We partner with a different organization that is boots on the ground helping to rescue, restore, and rehabilitate the lives of survivors giving them 15% of profits from sales every month! Talk about IMPACT!



As we have grown so has our product line. Everything in our line is fair trade, ethically, and sustainablly created! We have items for just about anyone on any list including yourself!

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing (Watchmen collection because our men should be watching over our women and children to keep them safe)
  • Children’s Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories (including purses, bags, scarves, hats, and more!)
  • Beauty and Wellness (inlcuding nontoxic nail polish, lotion, essential oils, and more)
  • Stationary (decals, journals, cards, and yes, more)
  • Home (cutting boards, candles, dried floral arrangements, and of course, more!)
  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Boxes for any occasion
  • Holiday Items (Seasonal)


I have found Crowned Free to be so much more than a side gig. When helping others heal you find yourself healing as well (even if you didn’t know you needed to). PLUS you are surrounded by an amazing community of women who cheer for you, love you, and pray for you! Are you looking for a way to earn money but would love to make an IMPACT while you do? Let’s chat 100%! (I am not pushy I will just answer all the questions.)

I have also found community through Crowned Free through my customers. Hosting and spreading awareness is a HUGE part of our mission! I have been blessed to have hostessess all over the US. I am currently on a mission to have an order from all 50 states this year and even better an event in all 50 states! I am on my way! I would love to link arms with you and share Crowned Free with all of your wonderful peeps whereever you might be!

There is a strong chance Crowned Free will have what you are needing or may not even know you needed!

  • an IMPACTful business opportunity (got ya covered)
  • a men’s sweatshirt, check
  • gift for a baby shower (yep, we have onesies)
  • wedding coming up? (check out our jewelry and home items)
  • community – yes we have it
  • like a subscription? I got you!
  • ladies night? (gal’s night painting bags has been so fun)
  • realtor looking for a closing gift (totally covered)
  • shopping junky (oh we have you covered)

Of course I could continue, but I am sure you want to get on with your Crowned Free shopping, getting on my calendar, and / or joining my team! Contact me and lets start making an IMPACT together!

Your Crowned Free Gal,

Sarah Woods

Check out all things April below! I would love to link arms with you! Let’s do it!!


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