Agellum, better known as Nerium.

Real Results and Real Science!

Nerium Biotech has the original NAE8 extract formula. It is all natural plant based and cruelty free. Nerium Biotech started their own marketing company in a new industry, we are the very first company in MLR, based on retail sales. Never recruit anyone to make money, unless you want to. No large kits to buy and no monthly requirements. With a proven billion dollar product!

Hi my name is Wendy Hoag. I live in Louisiana. I like to say that I am a mom of eleven, five on earth and six in heaven. Nerium has changed my life in so many ways. For one, I look a lot younger turning 60 than I did at 52 years old.

We have the science, the clinical trials and the most important, proof of results. Pictures speak a thousands words and the truth!

I am looking forward to meeting you! I have always been a people person and I care about others, even if you never purchase from me. So contact me even if it’s to say hi or you need someone to talk to. I have been through a lot, haven’t we all?

As a mother, I can relate to not having time for yourself but please make time. Even if it’s to pamper yourself with Nerium products. I feel so good taking care of myself, reducing wrinkles, sun spots. Stretch marks (yes!), cellulite (yes!) etc.

When a pharmaceutical company almost got the rights to Nerium, they were going to sell it for a thousand dollars a bottle, with other marketing companies it was 80.00. Now you can get 2 Nerium products plus 2 best products for only 80.00. As a customer you can also receive discounts and even free products.

Read the science, the clinical trials and about MLR on my web site. I have always been successful and I even made two national magazines. One for top sales of Nerium and another one for my deli. People say you have to follow those that know how to make money but it is so much more than that. In fact, I gave up networkmarketing years ago because I didnt want to just take people’s hard earned money. I found and it even states it on FTC’s web site, less than 1% is successful in network marketing. So if you tried before and weren’t successful it wasn’t your fault.

FTC was very excited about our ideas and the changes for this industry. I already have the proof too, I helped a lady, she tried twice before and never had success. Not only is she successful, she hit a top rank. I am so happy to have finally witnessed that one. I want to help more people become financially free!

You deserve it!

Contact me for my before and after pictures.

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