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Health & Fitness

In today’s high stress world, it is necessary to use the benefits of hands on massage to help manage stress, pain, and injury. It is also necessary to care for your body on an on-going basis to help it heal faster and injure less easily. This can be done through proper diet, plenty of rest, and exercise. Inspired Intuition strives to offer many health and fitness options for all body types and physical abilities. Please join us for any of the following:


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Gentle Yoga – This is an all level class that focuses on rejuvenation and restoration of the body through breathing and restorative postures. This class is a wonderful place to focus on alignment and balance of the physical body.

Yoga Basics -This class is for those beginning their yoga practice or returning to their yoga practice after a period of time. Mindful breathing and movement centered around safe & proper alignment in various yoga postures.

Strength & Toning Yoga – This class works well for those of use who are looking to strengthen and sculpt without the challenges of high impact sports and exercise regimens. Find strength in deeper, longer poses and integrated breathing techniques.

Mixed Level Yoga – This the perfect class for beginners and the more advanced student. The mixed level class offers strength, release, relaxation and flow to accommodate the ever changing needs of our days and evenings.

Heated Flow Yoga – Let go of the stress of the day. Allow the body to relax and recharge with poses that boost your energy levels while also nourishing your soul. Heated Flow Yoga utilizes the natural relaxation power of a warmed room and integrated breathing techniques to open the muscles and aid in the elongation of the body’s tissues.

Zumba – Warning: The Zumba experience is addictive! Red-Hot music! High-energy cardio blast! Zumba is a body shakin’, dance party! Once you start, you just won’t stop!